About the Playbook

The Playbook was created from the athlete’s perspective, on an athlete’s journey through the game of sport, transitioning into the game of LIFE!

Education is our Playbook, Sport is our blueprint and LIFE is our game! 

We support our mantra by fostering a TEAM approach to YOU, the student.  Equipping you with the right tools to build a solid foundation for your Name, Image, and Likeness.


OK, let’s gamify this process…

How to Play

Your goal is to incorporate 1-4 SSA Core Values of Success into your personal Playbook

1. Financial Literacy + 2. Personal Development + 3. Rent/Service + 4. Principles of Sport = Success
Mario With Kid On His Shoulder
Hut 1

What is your goal?

Short term (1 – 6 mos.) or Long term (6 mos.+)

This example is an attempt to help determine or encourage your WHY? 

For example, you want to give yourself a shot at making the starting lineup this offseason with personal training. However, the cost of extra training outside of your team activities makes it tough for your family to afford it.

Sign up for membership and schedule your Discovery Session. This puts your play in action and you’ve extended your opportunity to better yourself and provide for your family. This qualifies you for the next step.

Sign up for Membership Sign up for Membership
Super Student Athlete With Supply Kit
Hut 2

What’s the play coach!?

During this step, we call a huddle. You, your parent/guardian, and an SSA coach devise a game plan that includes 1-4 of the SSA core values to reach your goal (go for three to start a streak). Choose from our list of Work Hard options based on your discovery session, where you identify your short and/or long-term goals.

Sounds too easy? My best player…choosing their own play…for the win!? Let’s get it! 

Coach With Student Athletes Around Him
Hut 3


After creating your Work Hard goals, follow through by getting your activities of choice signed off by a  parent/guardian and SSA coach. This step is crucial! Each activity MUST be approved as a qualifying event via SSA affiliates and approved by the Executive Director.  

Mario Urrutia Handing A Kid A Football
Final Step


Verify with your SSA coach that you have successfully accomplished your play(s) and you’ve activated your Play Hard options.

To continue the example above, you could earn:

FREE off-season training with an SSA training affiliate! And guess what...YOU EARNED IT!

Now start a streak to unlock new Play Hard options.

Work Hard Work Hard

Submit a Play

Have you worked hard and completed a play? Now it is time to submit that play and score!

Every month you have the opportunity to earn points that can be applied to the Play Hard options below. Download a Work Hard form, fill it out with your SSA coach submit it here.

Submit A Play

Work Hard | Play Hard

T.E.A.M. Approach

Work Hard

  • Monthly Membership - points earned 50
  • Discovery Session - points earned 50
  • Community Service - points earned 50
  • Police Academy - points earned 50
  • Social media class - points earned 50
  • Money Monday class - points earned 50
  • Affiliate event appearance - points earned 50
  • Short term goal - points earned 50
  • Long term goal - points earned 50

Play Hard

  • Thirst Quencher 500 pts
  • M6 team pack 500 pts
  • Collegiate Game ticket 1000 pts
  • M6 workout voucher 1000 pts
  • Puma shoes 1500 pts
  • NFL Game ticket 2000 pts
  • Highlight Reel 2500 pts
  • $100 Camp Voucher 2500 pts
  • $200 Camp Voucher 3000 pts
  • Suite Life 5000 pts


Ready to Play?

Apply now to become a Super Student Athletes and work SSA Coaches and affiliates.