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THE Playbook Education is our Playbook, Sport is our blueprint and LIFE is our game!

THE Playbook was created from the athlete’s perspective, on an athlete’s journey through the game of sport, transitioning into the game of LIFE!

Our Philosophy

"You are more than the sport you play! Your name, Image, and likeness is the foundation of who you are. We bring awareness to, and assist in developing your brand by enhancing your personal qualities and highlighting the importance of our core values"

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Brand Awareness

Your personal brand is how you market yourself. Your self-portrayal in the public eye and conduct in front of the cameras is all part of building it. Best of all, your personal brand is unique to you. Whether it involves interviews with select parts of the media, managing your digital presence, or becoming an active member of your community, you are in control of your personal brand.

Super Student Athletes With Mario

Who We Are

Super Student Athletes Inc. takes a TEAM approach to develop personal brands through the community and equipping the athletes with the right tools and resources to expand their adeptness as a student in the game of life. We do this by partnering with community resources to create a game plan through our 4 core values: Personal Development, Financial Literacy, Community Service, and Marketing.


Our Goal

To support students who have the desire to leverage core values of sports, to better understand their role in the ultimate game of LIFE.

Financial Literacy + Personal Development + Community Service + Marketing = Success

Growth and Development

SSA engages students with the Playbook which employs multiple developmental approaches to prepare student-athletes for success on and off the field. 

  • Community Service
  • Social Marketing
  • Mental Wellness Sessions
  • Performance Training
  • Money Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Media Prep
  • NCAA Eligibility 
About the Playbook About the Playbook
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Who benefits from our service?

  • Parents/Guardians - SSA partners with you to hold your student-athlete accountable, and initiate corporate responsibilities.
  • Preferred Student-Athletes - SSA helps you set S.M.A.R.T short- and long-term goals while enhancing your brand. 
  • Corporations - Our ‘Playbook’ builds a foundation of principles that leverage student-athletes brands, making them a future asset to any business.

Community organizations- "Service is the rent you pay while here on earth." -Muhammad Ali
To teach selflessness, and accountability, and enhance their brand.
Super Student Athletes is a charitable 501(c)3 organization, your investment is tax-deductible


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