Our Affiliates

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Getting in the Game

Our Mission and Concept

  • Sponsor a group of playmakers for the year
  • Get your products, merchandise, or services in front of our parents and student-athletes
  • Fundraise
  • Event sponsorship
  • Are you a financial planner, marketing company, or brand ambassador? In-kind-ly donate
  • Corporate donation programs
  • Want to enhance your brand? If the ‘brand’ fits, wear it!

SSA takes a true TEAM approach to serving our student athletes, equipping them with the right tools to build a solid foundation and expand their adeptness. Familiarize yourself with their amazing stories of perseverance and dedication. Be the difference for the next philanthropist, entrepreneur, business professional, professional athlete, coach - or your next business associate!

How to Become an Affiliate

Super Student Athletes keeps a low overhead, giving us the opportunity to truly connect students and parents to community resources. This allows for a symbiotic relationship, one that we like to call commensalism, between your business, Super Student Athletes, and our mutual interests.

Our Empowerment Playbook provides an organized way to better understand new ways of doing good in our increasingly digital world.

Staying Ahead of the Game

Be a Part of the Team

We are so thankful for our Affiliates! Inspiring and enabling the youth in our community to realize and develop their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring leaders of our community, we cannot begin to express what your support means to SSA. We couldn't do what we do without YOU!