Super Student Athletes | Student Applications
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Student Applications


The Super Student Athletes of LIFE Center is designed to help the local youth and community by providing opportunities to learn a variety of lifelong skills. The LIFE Center facilitates real-life learning experiences and personal applications that engage and challenge students to assess, explore, discover, question, personalize, apply, adapt, and evaluate learning in relevant situations.

Nutritional Education:


Health is affected by a variety of positive and negative influences within society. This program focuses on helping students identify and understand the diverse internal and external factors that influence health practices and behaviors. This includes helping them develop personal values and beliefs, as well as helping them to understand perceived norms. Health education through Super Student Athletes seeks to address mental, emotional, and physical health. That is why we offer nutrition programs that cover the following:

  • Diet-based decision making
  • Proper nutrition
  • Meal planning
  • Healthy Eating habits


We cover topics including: family life and human sexuality, alcohol and other drugs, tobacco, nutrition, injury and violence prevention, diseases and disorders, physical activity, personal wellness, and consumer, community and environmental health.

Physical Education:


Our physical education 2.0 program helps students of all ages to understand the body and how to perform various movements, becoming safer and more productive in recreation and work activities. This contributes to the development of social and cognitive skills. We offer a variety of programs for our student athletes, including:

  • Weekly boot camps
  • Bi – Weekly member boot camps
  • Personal Workout sessions
  • 1 on 1 sport specific training
  • Combine training
  • Motor skill enhancements

Leadership Training:


Understanding how to use verbal and non-verbal skills to develop and maintain healthy relationships is important. The ability to organize and to convey information and feelings is the basis for strengthening interpersonal interactions and reducing or avoiding conflict. We offer the following leadership development opportunities to our student athletes:

  • Community service
  • Goal setting
  • Peer mentoring
  • Financial education – *Economic Empowerment Program
  • Credit & Financial Education
  • Developmental Resources for small business and entrepreneurs
  • Money Saving
  • Home, Car, Tax Knowledge & Information


*Economic Empowerment Program: The purpose is to enrich the lives of the people in our community by bringing resources, tools & services that may traditionally be out of reach.

Want to become a Super Student Athlete?

Learn how your kids can be a part of the SSA family and join us for weekly workout sessions and tutoring services. With flexible plans and additional services at a low cost, there are so many ways to tailor the perfect package for your Super Student Athlete. Take a look at the forms below and contact us today to join!

Help us grow our outreach and create more Super Student Athletes!