Super Student Athletes | Education is our play book, Sport is our blueprint, Life is our Game
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Make an investment in a Student Athlete and help them become SUPER today. “Education is our playbook, sport is our blueprint, LIFE is our field.”

2015-16 was an exciting beginning to our program, and we cannot begin to express how much our supporters mean to SSA. The hours of volunteer service, mentoring, tutoring and funding have inspired and enabled the youth in our community to realize and develop their full potential as productive, responsible and caring leaders of our community. We look forward to an even bigger 2016-17 in providing opportunities to kids in our community. Kids in EVERY community deserve a chance at a Great Future.


A major goal for our LIFE Center is to provide physical, mental, emotional, and social involvement for students through physical activities, helping them reach optimal development and well-being.

Physical Education
Leadership Development



Our physical education 2.0 program helps students of all ages to understand the body and how to perform various movements, becoming safer and more productive in recreation and work activities. This contributes to the development of social and cognitive skills.


Proper nutrition is critical to good health. To maintain a healthy weight, good dietary habits and physical activity are essential. Nutritious foods are necessary for growth, development, and maintenance of healthy bodies.


Understanding how to use verbal and non-verbal skills to develop and maintain healthy relationships is important. The ability to organize and to convey information and feelings is the basis for strengthening interpersonal interactions and reducing or avoiding conflict.


S.S.A. engages our students in multiple life learning approaches including:

Community Service 

After School Tutoring

Peer Mentoring

Financial Education

Nutritional Education

Medical Assistance

Motor Skill Enhancement

Weekly Fitness Camps

Personal Workout Sessions

Sport Specific Training


There are a number of ways that you can get involved with Super Student Athletes. Whether you are interested in making an in-kind donation of goods or services, or just volunteering to spend time beautifying and maintaining the Clubs or serving as a mentor, tutor, or guest speaker, we would love for you to be involved. Your commitment can be as large or as small as you would like. If you are a local business, school, club or church, please think about inviting an S.S.A. representative to share our story and mission at your next gathering. You can even spend your time and/or money to support our Super Student Athletes Celebrity Kickball game!

Super Student Athletes is a charitable 501(c)3 organization, your investment is tax deductible


Super Student Athletes is also a reality because of these fantastic sponsors:

Help us grow our outreach and create more Super Student Athletes!